GIOVXS is a fitness companion app that assist you like trainer during your workouts monitoring your exercise performances and giving you real-time feedback and metrics. GIOVXS provides you with a daily curated health and fitness feed to keep, you in the know about exercise techniques, food parameters and nutrition, as well as lifestyle habits that can better your daily life.


There are three primary features

Exercise Recognition

By using the power of ML-machine learning, Core Motion, and a few other API’s the app gather data about your movement and provides

Metrics for: Sets, Reps, Stability, Power, Balance, Stroke, and Form among some other metrics you all ready know like distance, time, calories, heart rate and general activities.

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RealTime Feedback

While monitoring your exercise or workout performance the app will provide situational feedback, via haptics or chimes. This enables you to make dynamic changes throughout you sets, and workout. Subsequently you can visually review the metrics at the end of a set or workout in the Activity Matrix so you can improve your exercise cognition.

Don’t worry feedback is also provided when you perform sets and workouts correct, with increased improvement, and when you show the ultimate level of what we call ‘GOT IT’

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Dynamic Adjustments

GIOVXS provides two types of adjustments

Program Adjustments - which adjustments exercise units like sets, reps, duration dynamically in successive workouts to reflect the progression or digression of your current exercise performance

And the second type is :

Exercise Insertions - if you have a tendency that needs correcting the app will suggest adding certain exercises in successive workouts to improve other physical aspects that will increase your targeted exercises performance

Which exercises does the app provide?

The app comes with a standard exercise library with 40 fundamental exercises. There are also monthly subscription based curated exercises and workouts are based on goal categories + discipline

Choose a Goal Category:

Tone , Lean, Bulk, Endure, Strength

Choose from Disciplines:

CrossFit, Functional Training, Weightlifting, Running, Swimming(if Watch 3 -4 series ), Spin + Cycling, Yoga.

Note once you subscribe any discipline specific exercises used in a workout are unlocked Forever / Sempre + Exe recognition and Real time feedback


What is the ultimate goal of GIOVXS

Is to provide feedback and information to users that will help them improve the exercise habits, health & nutrition , and lifestyle habits.

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