About Us

At Cinque Pietre our primary goal is to create versatile fashion, with the primary focus on t-shirts. We believe that the t-shirt is the most versatile piece of fashion that a person can wear. They also create an economic vantage point by allowing wearers to traverse fashion genres.  We use graphics and typography in our art directions to convey realities that propagate mental plasticity, imagination and perspective. Because before all "Reality starts with words" 

We build collections based on design stories. Stories that are relative to personas, moods, and contextual scenarios.  

The name of the company Cinque Pietre is Italian for Five Stones. The meaning comes from the story of David and Goliath, where David was encouraged to wear armor carry a sword and rely on might and bronze. Upon doing so he realizes he wouldn’t succeed and felt most uncomfortable. So he took it off, and decided to rely on what we knew and had become formidable with, his sling and five stones.  

This story is symbolic for the things that people around us, sometimes tell us we need to succeed. But it’s not until we take off the armor of others suggestions that don’t align with who we are, and use the tools and talents that make us formidable that we will overcome the Goliath our in life.

The logo design represents the five stones we all have control and use of:

Intellect - our individual type of intelligence 

Design - how we are made and how we see the world 

Empathy - who we connect to objects and others

Language - how we communicate 

Physique - how we build and maintain ourselves


The core motivation behind the brand philosophy: We all have the stones to overcome any Goliath in our life.